A results led iterative framework.

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    At the beginning of every project we focus on learning as much as we can about our client, their users and their marketplace. This means we can take on challenges from a place of understanding rather than assumption (we’re big believers in 'Start with why’ and challenging assumptions). On the second turn of the loop or with our established clients the Learn phase involves turning our measurements from phase 4 into insights.

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    Everything that exists in our world is designed. Architect’s design buildings, Entrepreneur’s design businesses and Artist’s design paintings. Along this thinking we use design in it’s broadest sense - bringing together a solution. In the Design phase our team takes the insights learned in Phase 1 and uses them to craft a solution to our client’s business challenge. This could range from the UX team designing a user journey to the development team mapping out a multi-platform build.

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    In the Build stage we build out our designs using robust development techniques and processes that have been refined over 10 years of experience in the technology world. This could be our designers producing a new brand identity or the development team building a new Ruby on Rails business application. We’re big on communication at Cleversteam and throughout the Build phase we're always keeping our clients up to date.

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    People hire us to deliver results, impact and change; our Measure phase allows us to track that and report back to our clients. Having an integrated measurement phase also means we can make data driven and smart decisions during our next round of the loop. We can double down on the successes we've created and quickly address any challenges we uncover.